Saturday, February 9, 2008


i've been lucky enough to get to spend some time in my favorite town in texas. wimberley is a small town just south of austin in the hill country...rumor has it that it was a safe haven for hippies in the 60's and the free love breeding ensued, resulting in a pretty slow-paced, chilled-out culture.

i'm here with radiant plus kevin and becki howard. tonight we're levi's backing band in a youth rally in town, but right now we're in chris kipp's coffee shop (kipp's coffee) taking it easy. dragan and i manned the espresso bar for a while, as if we missed working the morning rush at starbucks this morning.

that's it for now brotha....


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the (radiant) boys are back in town!!

and by that i mean my trusty 12" ibook has been repaired and i'll be blogging as often as my interweb access affords me. right now i'm living with three other dudes: jon, jamey, and coty. the internet is something we don't have along with food, cable, and occasionally toilet paper. but it's our place and we like it.

the band had a show scheduled for tomorrow night but we had to cancel it due to levi's laryngitis. the songs we are writing are really turning out good i think. there's a lot of verve in the room during the writing process that was missing before. probably because of our diversity, illustrated here: