Monday, January 29, 2007

jimmy kimmel hoax

as you may or may not have come to realize, some of us in the radiant camp do not like to do our homework. we have been advertizing all week that we will be on jimmy kimmel again tonight, only to find out that the rerun won't air again until next monday. sorry!



if i had a decent number of readers before this week i'm sure i've successfully whittled them down to two or three. i'm currently in bed recoving from the cold or flu that i got last week. i haven't felt like doing a single thing, let alone blogging.

the other night i played a show with salim nourallah to a pretty sparse crowd over at Life in Deep Ellum. it's a new venue that's actually kind of cool, and i really hope they can get it off the ground. after the show i chatted with the gazelles and they were really very nice. then i started to talk to a guy who had been working construction on the building or something, and we ended up being the last to leave. he started telling me his story about how he was doing really well for himself and started a drug habit, which left him homeless and basically ruined his life for seven years. he ended up at the dallas life foundation a few years ago and has since given up his drug habit and has been humbly pursuing God.

when he had everything he was never at peace or satisfied with himself, but now he is content in his brokenness and humility. it's so amazing how backward the kingdom of God seems compared with the systems of the world. it's not the powerful who inherit the earth, it's the meek. it's not those who have everything who are truly content, but those who have lost it all.

i can't help but wonder if the hell this guy lived through was really the merciful hand of God, allowing him to lose everything in order to gain humility and the kingdom of God. ian brown of the stone roses said it best in one of his new songs, "keep what you love, by giving it all away." one pattern that i see for certain in my own life is that humility is inevitable, resistance is futile.

Monday, January 22, 2007

my love for the nhl

my love for the nhl is next to non-existant, however i could never pass up a photo op like this!

this is dragan just before attempting to make a latte in the stanley cup.

Friday, January 19, 2007

here we go again

i used to be excited about meeting with the record companies...and i'll be honest...i still am. maybe this is like that proverb in the bible when it says the fool returns to his folly. hopefully this time something will pan out. more on this story as it develops.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

jimmy kimmel watching party

i'd like to start by saying how grateful i am to everyone who came to the jimmy kimmel watching party last night. the support we've received has been overwhelming. also thanks to everyone who's been sending emails and commenting on myspace and just showing support in general. we really appreciate it.

last night we hosted about 150 of our closest friends at the cavern, and everyone was having a good time. old friends, new friends, people i'd never met was great. i just wanted to take the time and thank everyone for being so supportive.

kind of a bad picture of justin and i at the party.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

24 pajama party!

levi, candiss, becki, jesse, julie, and i are having a 24 marathon pajama party.

sunday morning 5:19

just's really just about noon on sunday. jesse and i are sitting in levi's currently abandoned house waiting for them to get back so we can finish the marathon of 24 we started last night. we were going to go all the way, but we stopped after about 6 episodes. weather-people expected a freeze last night, but i think they were wrong as usual.

things are buzzing in the radiant camp. ever since this trip to new york we seem to have picked up a lot of steam. my personal feeling is pretty closely matched with the weather for one reason or another, but all in all things are going really well. we're having a jimmy kimmel watching party at the cavern on tuesday night, so if you're one of the 3 people who read this thing and you're not doing anything, you should come out and join us. party starts at 10pm.

that's all for now...more later.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

new york part 6

for today's blogging activities i guess i'll focus on the day of the performance. we woke up early and went over to abc action news in new york (i just made that name up because i can't remember the actual name). it's a local news show that is filmed in the same studio as regis and obviously we galavanted around their studio until we had to be on the air. the regis impressions were out of control.

we then went back to the cupping room for an amazing breakfast and then to the hotel for a nap. the rest of the day consisted of interviews, a bunch of on screen shout-outs like "this is a dream come true," and then a rehearsal. the rehearsal took place only 2 hours before the actual set so the millions of people were already there. i've never been so pumped up about a practice.

our 15 minute set seemed like it lasted only 2 seconds. we were not nearly as nervous as i thought we would be. our stage was 4 stories tall so the distance between us and the audience was huge. the closest people i could see from my drumkit were more than 200 yards away versus the 10 feet that i'm used to. there was still this energy there, and this incredible direct connection between the 4 of us and over a million people. it was quite amazing.

the rest of the night was spent hanging out with the likes of POD and a bunch of higher ups at some corperations or whatever, and we ended up crashing the waterford crystal party...which was one of the highlights of the trip.

all in all, it was something that one could call the highlight of their life. a free trip to new york with some of my best friends...i don't care what anyone says, we didn't deserve it...but it sure was a lot of fun.


how'd you like to be followed around by these guys for a week?

Monday, January 8, 2007

new york part 5

i guess we left off at the beginning of where it got really fun in new york...well, really fun for us...but probably somewhat boring to you. i mean all we did was go shopping and eating for the next few days. here's the rundown. we went shopping in the extremely overcrowded soho area, which was still a beautiful area for these texas eyes. we headed to little italy by way of chinatown and ate in this hole in the wall italian restaurant that had the most delicious house wine with only a little alcohol, so we had a lot with our meal. after that we decided to go to brooklyn and hang out in williamsburg. i was tipped off that this was where a lot of art happens in new york.

you get the point...we were tourists for a few days and we went to see the sights. only we didn't go see ground zero or the statue of liberty...we went to find the coolest restaurants, pubs, and bistros. i think it was probably more fun this way.

we did find this cool breakfast place called the cupping room. the food there is amazing! we went twice! on another night, our producer mark took us on a spontanious walk across the brooklyn bridge...why?...just so we could say we did it.

levi and candiss trekking accross the brooklyn bridge

new york part 4

i'm supposed to be typing a paper in the library but i'd much rather procrastinate and do this. i will start out by acknowledging the new youtube video that has surfaced on the web, featuring our performance and bits of us saying things like "you made our dreams come true!" everytime i see that part i cringe a little bit because we refused to say things like that about a million times, but the one time we let it slip they used it for the video...must have been a moment of weakness for all of us.

we went into this thing knowing that we would be asked to do things that go against our cooler, hipper judgement...with the attitude that we would have no attitude. we wanted to be polite, agreeable lads with the hopes that we would be asked back for other huge pontiac events. i will be completely transparent and say that i'm a bit fearful that it hurt us in the end, but i'm probably over-reacting as i'm prone to do.

please understand that this little complaint blog only covers one percent of our trip. if you're a math whiz unlike myself you'd be able to surmize that the trip to new york was ninety nine percent awesome. i just cringe a little when i see myself saying certain things i was made to say in the video.

i actually really like the's just that one line that gets me.

onward to the final post!

dragan as he watched the youtube video and heard us say "you made our dreams come true!"

Friday, January 5, 2007

nyc part 3

the daniel hopkins of 2006 is a guy who would skip a day or a week of blogging and give up, but the new and improved daniel hopkins of 2007 is a guy who is determined to keep this thing going. so...i will pick up where i left off and break our new york trip up into sections to keep it relatively short-winded.

i think what occurred next was a pretty early morning at cbs studios. what we thought was going to be a full in-studio interview turned into a brief outdoor 2-line shout out by yours truly. at this point i'm tired of lacing every sentence with the word pontiac, and we even have a running joke as to how many times we can say pontiac per minute....ppm's. i guess you have to take the bad with the good you know? and in this case the good far outweighs the i continued to grit my teeth and spit out pontiacs like sunflower seeds. in other words...i have no problem with selling out, just show me the money. just kidding.

by this time during the trip all of our friends had arrived including the wives candiss and elissa, our buddies jon and justin, and of course bryce and sean (the bear). after the interview we decided to check out new york and later that night we revisited johnny's bar in greenwich village, where my tradition is to play europe's the final countdown on the jukebox. i think we had to be in early again tonight so we grabbed some pizza and headed back to the hotel.