Tuesday, January 9, 2007

new york part 6

for today's blogging activities i guess i'll focus on the day of the performance. we woke up early and went over to abc action news in new york (i just made that name up because i can't remember the actual name). it's a local news show that is filmed in the same studio as regis and kelly...so obviously we galavanted around their studio until we had to be on the air. the regis impressions were out of control.

we then went back to the cupping room for an amazing breakfast and then to the hotel for a nap. the rest of the day consisted of interviews, a bunch of on screen shout-outs like "this is a dream come true," and then a rehearsal. the rehearsal took place only 2 hours before the actual set so the millions of people were already there. i've never been so pumped up about a practice.

our 15 minute set seemed like it lasted only 2 seconds. we were not nearly as nervous as i thought we would be. our stage was 4 stories tall so the distance between us and the audience was huge. the closest people i could see from my drumkit were more than 200 yards away versus the 10 feet that i'm used to. there was still this energy there, and this incredible direct connection between the 4 of us and over a million people. it was quite amazing.

the rest of the night was spent hanging out with the likes of POD and a bunch of higher ups at some corperations or whatever, and we ended up crashing the waterford crystal party...which was one of the highlights of the trip.

all in all, it was something that one could call the highlight of their life. a free trip to new york with some of my best friends...i don't care what anyone says, we didn't deserve it...but it sure was a lot of fun.


how'd you like to be followed around by these guys for a week?

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becki said...

your trip was so exciting that there were 2 part fives? that's amazing!! also, is that Buster next to the camera man? *nodding appreciatively*