Monday, January 29, 2007

jimmy kimmel hoax

as you may or may not have come to realize, some of us in the radiant camp do not like to do our homework. we have been advertizing all week that we will be on jimmy kimmel again tonight, only to find out that the rerun won't air again until next monday. sorry!



if i had a decent number of readers before this week i'm sure i've successfully whittled them down to two or three. i'm currently in bed recoving from the cold or flu that i got last week. i haven't felt like doing a single thing, let alone blogging.

the other night i played a show with salim nourallah to a pretty sparse crowd over at Life in Deep Ellum. it's a new venue that's actually kind of cool, and i really hope they can get it off the ground. after the show i chatted with the gazelles and they were really very nice. then i started to talk to a guy who had been working construction on the building or something, and we ended up being the last to leave. he started telling me his story about how he was doing really well for himself and started a drug habit, which left him homeless and basically ruined his life for seven years. he ended up at the dallas life foundation a few years ago and has since given up his drug habit and has been humbly pursuing God.

when he had everything he was never at peace or satisfied with himself, but now he is content in his brokenness and humility. it's so amazing how backward the kingdom of God seems compared with the systems of the world. it's not the powerful who inherit the earth, it's the meek. it's not those who have everything who are truly content, but those who have lost it all.

i can't help but wonder if the hell this guy lived through was really the merciful hand of God, allowing him to lose everything in order to gain humility and the kingdom of God. ian brown of the stone roses said it best in one of his new songs, "keep what you love, by giving it all away." one pattern that i see for certain in my own life is that humility is inevitable, resistance is futile.


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jb said...

so true, so true...