Monday, January 8, 2007

new york part 5

i guess we left off at the beginning of where it got really fun in new york...well, really fun for us...but probably somewhat boring to you. i mean all we did was go shopping and eating for the next few days. here's the rundown. we went shopping in the extremely overcrowded soho area, which was still a beautiful area for these texas eyes. we headed to little italy by way of chinatown and ate in this hole in the wall italian restaurant that had the most delicious house wine with only a little alcohol, so we had a lot with our meal. after that we decided to go to brooklyn and hang out in williamsburg. i was tipped off that this was where a lot of art happens in new york.

you get the point...we were tourists for a few days and we went to see the sights. only we didn't go see ground zero or the statue of liberty...we went to find the coolest restaurants, pubs, and bistros. i think it was probably more fun this way.

we did find this cool breakfast place called the cupping room. the food there is amazing! we went twice! on another night, our producer mark took us on a spontanious walk across the brooklyn bridge...why?...just so we could say we did it.

levi and candiss trekking accross the brooklyn bridge


Daniel Dessinger said...

I've been trying to find out if I missed Radiant on Jimmy Kimmel Live or if that was a no deal. It was my understanding that they were going to tape your show and then play it on Jimmy Kimmel within a week. Here it is a week later and I see that they're going to play My Chemical Romance's song, but I don't see you guys slated yet.

Any news of that yet?

Anonymous said...

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