Monday, January 8, 2007

new york part 4

i'm supposed to be typing a paper in the library but i'd much rather procrastinate and do this. i will start out by acknowledging the new youtube video that has surfaced on the web, featuring our performance and bits of us saying things like "you made our dreams come true!" everytime i see that part i cringe a little bit because we refused to say things like that about a million times, but the one time we let it slip they used it for the video...must have been a moment of weakness for all of us.

we went into this thing knowing that we would be asked to do things that go against our cooler, hipper judgement...with the attitude that we would have no attitude. we wanted to be polite, agreeable lads with the hopes that we would be asked back for other huge pontiac events. i will be completely transparent and say that i'm a bit fearful that it hurt us in the end, but i'm probably over-reacting as i'm prone to do.

please understand that this little complaint blog only covers one percent of our trip. if you're a math whiz unlike myself you'd be able to surmize that the trip to new york was ninety nine percent awesome. i just cringe a little when i see myself saying certain things i was made to say in the video.

i actually really like the's just that one line that gets me.

onward to the final post!

dragan as he watched the youtube video and heard us say "you made our dreams come true!"


moneeeek said...

hhahah. i love this picture. it looks like he doesnt have a body.
and the best part of the video??? "you can sleep 2 comfortably...and three verycomfortably..."

Nathan said...

ya the whole room was laughing about that line

allison said...

how can i find the video?