Friday, January 5, 2007

nyc part 3

the daniel hopkins of 2006 is a guy who would skip a day or a week of blogging and give up, but the new and improved daniel hopkins of 2007 is a guy who is determined to keep this thing going. so...i will pick up where i left off and break our new york trip up into sections to keep it relatively short-winded.

i think what occurred next was a pretty early morning at cbs studios. what we thought was going to be a full in-studio interview turned into a brief outdoor 2-line shout out by yours truly. at this point i'm tired of lacing every sentence with the word pontiac, and we even have a running joke as to how many times we can say pontiac per minute....ppm's. i guess you have to take the bad with the good you know? and in this case the good far outweighs the i continued to grit my teeth and spit out pontiacs like sunflower seeds. in other words...i have no problem with selling out, just show me the money. just kidding.

by this time during the trip all of our friends had arrived including the wives candiss and elissa, our buddies jon and justin, and of course bryce and sean (the bear). after the interview we decided to check out new york and later that night we revisited johnny's bar in greenwich village, where my tradition is to play europe's the final countdown on the jukebox. i think we had to be in early again tonight so we grabbed some pizza and headed back to the hotel.

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becki said...

D! I didn't know you had a blog, sucka! I just saw that Levi had written the address on a piece of paper on the coffee table and I thought I'd check it out. I'm so proud of you guys and I'll keep checking your blog, blog-face! Holler!