Thursday, March 20, 2008

lots going on...

this whole thing could be a bust!
there are several things on the horizon that could lead to several other things that would be really cool. and eventually, some sort of state of nirvana will be reached, and it's all hinging on this one thing happening.

not really...that's actually a load of nonsense, but my mind certainly operates that way until i slap myself a few times.

sxsw was a brief but extremely fun time. i still consistently rate it as the highlight of my year, although we were only there for an afternoon. we stayed at lances (the roadie/goodtimes coordinator/ levi's cousin), who looks like a ghost in the spontaneous all dudes party pictured below.

we then proceeded to the hot freaks party, where we saw ola podrida, white denim, blitzen trapper, and the magnificent british sea power. the bands were good, the beer was cheap and mexican, and the popsicles were free and well received on this 90 degree day.