Saturday, December 23, 2006

new year's eve

just last week i had a picture of what my new year's eve will look like lodged firmly in my brain. it included a relatively quiet night with close friends and loved ones (the radiant boys, wives, and others), champagne, and possibly some low caliber fireworks, but all that's changed now thanks to an incredible opportunity the band has stumbled upon.

last week i received a phone call informing me that radiant has won an all expense paid trip to new york city for 8 days. this information blew my mind seeing as i didn't even know we were in any competition. the prize doesn't stop there, it also includes a new year's eve performance in times square opening for kasabian and my chemical romance, which will be aired live on the jimmy kimmel show.

this new version of new year's eve is a far reach from my original idea (which i would've completely enjoyed), but since so many friends have purchased plane tickets and will be joining us in nyc, it has the potential to be an amazing time.

set your tivo's, and tune in here as i will be cataloging the entire trip.