Saturday, February 24, 2007

i've got blisters on my fingers!

well, i made it through the last note of helter skelter. there were a few shakey moments, but all in all i did a lot better than i thought i would. i really blew it on "here comes the sun" and "good day sunshine," but it was a lot of fun! another thing i gained from the experience was a renewed love for the beatles. the songs are beautiful and the melodies are romantic. love songs like here comes the sun go straight to my heart, whereas helter skelter makes me want to smash all the instruments on stage. those beatles...i think they're onto something.

it's funny...a friend of mine once described to me the music he wants to make. he said "you know the beatles? i wanna do what they did....except on a bigger scale." the only thing is...he was serious. good luck!


becki said...

dear prudence,

if you ever play with them again. let a sista know. we'll all come out.

respectfully submitted,
rebecca e. phares

becki said...

dangit! I should have said

"dear pruDANce,"

I'll never forgive myself....