Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the way of it

have you ever anticipated something so much that you thought your chest would explode?
i've got a bit of that going on right now.

friday night i'm playing the drums in a beatles cover band called hard night's day. i've never played any beatles songs before...partly because they're sacred in a way. the thing is there is no rehearsal for the 36 songs on the setlist. i've never played with the band, and i've never played these songs. if i can make it to that last note of helter skelter friday night i will consider it a true accomplishment.

the band has been busy creating a new practice space so we can write new songs for you to listen to. i'm very excited about the 3 we've already written.

i've been so busy with studio stuff over at salim's. it's a real blessing for me this month to actually make money doing the thing i love. contrary to what you might believe, making latte's is not the thing i love.

salim behind the helm


KatieMac said...

I'm so telling Natalie you said that!! ;-)

jb said...

i luve yur latte