Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Mexico...i like the old one better.

we all just hopped in the van after our show at albuquerque's atomic cantina, and we are now watching an office episode in the van. tonight's show could have gone 2 ways:

1. fans of the four punk bands that performed before us decided that new mexico doesn't like radiant (not unlike most of the midwest so far), and beat us up with their studded leather articles of clothing (the bedazzler is a big seller here in NM).

2. they actually kind of liked us and the four previous bands, in true punk fashion, donated some of their money to get us to california.

lucky for us it was the second one. we had a really good time except for the main boss at the club had this whole tough guy thing going, but he was actually a pretty nice dude in the end.

ok back to the office....

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