Wednesday, April 4, 2007

midwest tour or somesuch part 2

in following the existing pattern of my blog, i will finish the midwest tour series in one fowl swoop.

after waking up early in memphis and stopping by starbucks we hopped in the van for an eight-hour drive to kansas city. the record bar hosts a trivia quiz game earlier in the evening on thursdays, so we were able to test our random knowledge before load-in. the show was actually really good because we got to play with a band out of omaha called little brazil. they were very good and a lot of fun as well. that night we crashed with our buddies sean and geoff and the next day we searched for a pastry shop that dragan heard about, and ate some of the best mexican food i've ever had. after that we went to the kansas city house of prayer for a few hours.

the next night was a bit of an adventure. the drive from kansas city to lawrence, kansas is only about forty-five minutes, so when we pulled into town there was still plenty of time to take a nap at our hotel. the bottleneck is one of those cool venues with a lot of history and character. the verve played there on the northern soul tour and radiohead played there on the bends tour, so we really enjoyed soaking up the vibe in a place where our favorite bands played before they were gigantic. the bartender's name was fonz...a character in levi's all time favorite tv show, although i've seen him tear up a few times at the mention of little house on the prairie. when we pulled into the hotel, jesse decided to piggy-back levi to our room. twenty or so steps later jesse face-planted on the concrete and broke two teeth along with about 10 other minor face-related injuries.

the aftermath of jesse's horsing around:

the last night in little rock was a lot of fun. little rock actually appeared more sophisticated than one would predict, and we played at the revolution room, which is in a really nice area of town. old friends chris and anna came out, which made the night a lot more fun, even though jesse had to eat and drink everything through a straw.

overall, the tour was a blast and we can't wait to pass through the midwest again. hopefully next time we'll come back with all of our teeth.



becki said...

maybe we can get jesse a gig on extreme makeover. get him some of that liposuction we all know he needs but have never been willing to voice while we're at it.

Jeremy said...

OUCH... the full beard might've protected you... bring it back.