Saturday, March 31, 2007

midwest tour or somesuch

as i'm sure you've already seen in the video imbedded in the previous post, the midwest tour was exciting and fun. each day consisted of a long drive, a fun show, and staying up until at least 4am checking out whatever was on the tube in our luxury hotel rooms. it was a bit of a downer that the bear and lance couldn't join us this time around, but the four of us made the best of it.


after pulling up to the young avenue deli in memphis on a beautiful wednesday evening, we loaded all of our gear in and i went on a walk around the town. when i came back i learned that the headlining band (who shall remain nameless) asked us to play last in their stead. they made a pleading case about family being up too late, and levi agreed...can you blame him?...he's the nicest guy you'll probably ever meet. that, however, was a big mistake. by the end of the aforementioned band's set the room had cleared (they were not very good) and we played to about 10 friendly folks who really liked us. if you are a headlining band, never ask to switch with an opening band in your's just poor etiquette.

here's what it looked like from the eagle's nest (drums).

we in radiant are not easily defeated. the booking agent for the club happened to be there, and he promised us a much better show in the future, so all was not lost!

after loadout we realized that we had locked all sets of keys in the van. fingers were pointed, and blame was tossed around until a homeless man confidently offered to help us. we offered him $20 in return for unlocking the van.

he was absolutely no help whatsoever. we sent him on his way with $10 and a guy with a slim jim came and bailed us out. it was back to our hotel, thus ending day one.

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