Thursday, March 15, 2007

sxsw day 1

so day 1 is now over. after a few confusing hours of driving around, retreaving our wristbands, and loading into the venue, we finally settled into sxsw mode. jesse, bear, lance, clay, jessica and i went to go see beirut and they were pretty good. a bit repeditive but a lot of fun. i bet i would've enjoyed them more if i owned the cd.

the two chinese bands that opened for us were amazing. they had a bit of a joy division influence. a fight actually broke out onstage during the set of the band that played just before us...i kind of hate when that happens. watching a fight is like watching a car just can't take your eyes away from it, but it's a really horrible thing happening right in front of you. i didn't, however, let that put a damper on the night, and we ended up playing a terrific show.

it's 3:15am, and we're now hanging out with the hero factor and co at a friend's house in austin. good times are being had and pictures are soon to follow.

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monica said...

what happened to the daily post?