Monday, March 5, 2007

time seems to be moving like one of those dreams in which you can't run fast enough. i'm really looking forward to SXSW, which is usually my favorite week of the year. we just walk around all day from one party to the next, running into old friends and listening to great bands. all the while, we pick up a staggering amount of swag. every year we find ourselves in some top secret party. one year my friend lance somehow got into a party that carson daily was throwing, and got an ipod as a party favor. i don't know how we do it, but we do it.

right now i'm one week into a three week cleanse, which is starting to really kick my butt. i wake up everyday with a headache from the toxins released into my bloodstream. my diet is supposed to be really specific, and i've done a terrific job sticking to it, except for the other day when i ate popeye's chicken.

if you've never listened to the ricky gervais podcast you should check it out. i recommend going to the itunes music store and downloading the complete first series. it is hilarious!

that's all for now. i know what you're thinking..."riveting stuff, this blog." i'll have more for you later, but for now i have some internal organs to detoxify, and some spanish homework to complete.

for ten points, what is levi thinking?


becki said...

Boy, wasabi's not as sweet tasting as they say! YOINK!

pickwick said...

i'm a wizard at spanish,
need any help, gimme a holla.