Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i hereby dub thee....FUN FEST 2007!

sxsw is upon us. the only thing that seperates me from hopping in the van and heading down to celebrate my favorite week of the year in my favorite city in texas is about 24 hours, during which i have a court date. i killed a man just to watch him die...that's a lie...i was committing the incredibly cliche act of speeding, which is sooo overdone. so now i have to get up early and stand in line with the other criminals.

sxsw is going to be so much fun. i'll give you a little insight into how nerdy i am...i spent about 3 hours researching the sxsw parties for the week, and have mapped out where i want to be and when. am i the only person who does this? it's a little ridiculous i know, but i would kick myself if i got home and didn't get to see a band i wanted to see. 2 years ago i missed british sea power and i'll never forgive myself.

this is a video of what our rehearsal was like the other day. sometimes we just get a little burnt out and can't seem to come up with anything creative. after rehearsal, we went over to the aardvark where we performed for the first time in almost a year. these pictures of the show were taken by lacey henson.

expect more blogging over the next few days...i'm going to attempt to keep a daily journal of the sxsw goings on, as well as our midwest tour next week.

here's a special message from jesse

goodbye for now


becki said...

I know where you're going to be on Friday at 12am. The 18th floor of the Hilton Garden Inn watching Bosque Brown feat. Me perform their socks off. DO IT.

monica said...

i'll miss my boys...love you so much.

Appleseed Cheeks said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Jesse's golfing game needs a smid bit improvement. it definitely brought laughter to a stressful week! you boys be careful on the road!

Anonymous said...