Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sxsw continued

as it was predicted i did not keep up with the sxsw journal as i said i would. however, there were some great memories that i'll try to conjure up for you now. since i already posted one for wednesday, i'll do thursday through saturday.

on thursday we had an odd but fun performance in the shoe dept. of nordstrom. despite the weirdness of the situation we made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves.

that night i was able to show some sxsw first timers (julie, angela, and laura) around austin for some loud music, mediocre pizza, and general good times. the evening got even more adventurous when we snuck into the hero factor show, where we camped out and watched them and our friends soular. after the girls took off we went and watched some forgettable band and turned in for the night.

friday was our day off, so we spent the entire day milling around watching great bands. we started off at gorilla vs. bear party where we were thoroughly impressed by the apostle of hustle. next was the mutemath, eisley, snowden show and made our way down to see our friends the new frontiers at the belmont. this was probably my favorite show because we were able to see mew for the first time. we were blown away by their vocals and overall musicianship. as soon as i got home i purchased both of their records, which are terrific. after the mew show, i started down to stubbs where i saw andrew bird, badly drawn boy, and the good the bad and the queen. we ended this night with a 2 hour trip to denny's (which we will never do again).

saturday was a lot of fun. we started out over at the blackland records party (which we played), and saw pleasant grove, hymns, and colormusic. jesse and i slipped away to catch a few minutes of starsailor, and made our way back just in time for load-out (some will argue otherwise). later on we went back over to stubb's and saw kings of leon, spoon, and then the amazing iggy pop and the stooges. at the end of the stooges perfomance, jesse in all of his excitement, jumped onstage and danced with iggy. it was quite amazing.

at the end of sxsw 2007, i can say that this was one of my favorite years. i was able to spend it with some of my favorite people, show some pretty girls around austin for the first time, and see some terrific concerts.

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