Tuesday, May 1, 2007

california fun

yesterday was a long and busy one, but it was extremely fun and exciting. we filmed the live performance shots for a video of radiant's song "that girl." twenty people led by director collin redden were on set as we had a great experience with a video that we are sure will be very cool. for one, it was filmed on 35mm, and for another, collin is a terrific director with a great vision for the song.

i'll post some photos that kevin took. oh yeah, if i didn't mention it already, kevin howard (fiance of becki phares) is on the road with us playing pianos and keyboards. after the eleven-hour day, we enjoyed a night out on the town thanks to our terrific host travis taylor.

a series of events, which led to the shifting of the video shoot left us with an unexpected day off. we spent today day at the beach, playing volleyball, beach soccer, and burying jesse in the sand, which is extremely cliche but still worth mentioning. i'll have some pics up really soon. we are having a terrific time.

tonight we will eat sushi and drive to san diego, where we will perform tomorrow night.

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becki said...

HOOPA! My man got a mention! You might even say he got a .......mantion!

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