Saturday, May 5, 2007

other stuff i forgot

here are some things you didn't previously know, because i did not include them in the last blog for some reason.

on the very last stop in abeline on the way home, i was down by one dollar and i bought 4 more tickets. one of those tickets had a $40 prize, which put my total lotto winnings for the trip at $35. it really does pay to play the lotto!!

the live performance shots of our video were shot in the same place as some of the fight scenes from "fight club."

most of the furniture from the set was "borrowed" from the set of HBO's "deadwood." however, this is not a cowboy video.

here are some photos from the trip:

i bet i'm the first guy in the world to think of this for a photo op!

jesse realizing that the video will not primarily consist of close-ups on him.

all of us on the set

dragan in make-up

levi in make-up while jesse takes a break from his rubix cube

watch as i defy science and dive into oblivion in "beach diving."


becki said...

when Kevin showed me this video I laughed SO hard. hilarious.

Chris Bayee said...

Hey Daniel:

Saw the link for this on the radiantboys e-mail I received after I visited the band's site.

Elizabeth and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you guys at the Gathering concert with Travis in Pacific Palisades, and we're happy to hear the video shoot came off. The concert, as stated in person, was amazing.

We thoroughly enjoy the "We Hope You Win" CD and Levi's worship disc. You all have a good thing going, and keep going after it. I know the Lord will continue blessing you guys.

You're in our prayers,